“Spiritual Spectacles” Prophet In Exam Cheating Storm
23 March 2021
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By James Gwati- Self claimed prophet and the leader of Goodness and Mercy Ministries, Tapuwa Freddy has been caught trying to cheat in the Theology exam.

Freddy who made headlines last year after his Glen View church was demolished by the local authorities who had deemed it as an illegal structure, was writing a Theology exam at the Women’s University of Africa in the capital, last week when the embarrassing event happened.

According to a local online publication, Zim Morning Post, the self-proclaimed prophet smuggled a mobile phone into the exam room and mistakenly dropped it from his lap.

“He smuggled the phone and hid it on his lap but I don’t know how he dropped the phone.

” He left the exam room in huff before the invigilator confronted him.

“It was an embarrassing episode and classmates made fun of him, questioning why he failed to use the spiritual spectacles to spot the exams,” the paper quoted Freddy’s classmates.