Poptain Used “Hell Commander’s” Lamborghini Before Accident Singing “Handikendenge!”
28 March 2021
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By Showbiz reporter | The popular singer, Poptain used the Hell Commander’s orange lamborghini for his latest music video just before today’s accident that killed one person, it has emerged.

Poptain’s new song which he recorded the video with the car, is titled, “handikendenge- I just don’t care!” (Video below).

While it could not be established at the time of writing, how far or near Poptain was to the accident, the man had uploaded the music video by end of day yesterday with the car that would explode into flames hours later. Video below

The Hell Commander’s Lamborghini which burst into flames last night


By A Correspondent | Balls of fire were the scenes when the late socialite, Ginimbi’s former manager Shaleen Nullens, Ms Shally’s boyfriend was involved in an accident last night.

Ms. Shally confirmed that her boyfriend, the businessman Trevor ‘Hell Commander’ Mbizvo was involved in “a terrible accident” last night while driving a Lamborghini Huracan.

One person was reported dead at the scene. Mbizvo’s friend  Eddy whose handle is @blacklistedd_ the Pilot had been in the Lamborghini traveling with the man.

Ms Shally who recently received a Range Rover from Mbizvo as an apology after he cheated on her, posted on her portal saying, “It’s been a walk filled with challenges, the news is true my love @the_hell_commander had a terrible accident last night when he was driving the Lamborghini hurricane, one very precious life was lost and the hell commander is in hospital suffering from a few injuries.”

She also added saying: “A lot has been happening lately but we would appreciate your support and also allow us to mourn our close friend we lost.

“Please keep us in your prayers.”

Ms Shally has been living in South Africa since her client, Ginimbi’s death at the end of 2020. It was at that time speculated that she had been kicked out of the Domboshava mansion by Ginimbi’s ex-wife Zodwa Mkandla.

Shally’s response was:

“I was living with Genius not because I was homeless. When Genius was buried, I flew back to South Africa the next day because I can’t live in that house without him, every corner of that house holds precious memories.”