“Sentence Corruption And Poverty And Not Makomborero”
6 April 2021
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A very dark cloud hovers on the motherland sending a very sombre atmosphere to every progressive Zimbabwean who is crying for good governance.

By Leonard Koni- Instead of sentencing poverty, corruption, poor governance, nepotism and clansmanship to jail, the regime found it necessary to sentence a political activist who is asking for change.

Zimbabweans across the continent and greater part of the world have responded to this glaring injustice with a captured judiciary. This incident should define our future and generations to come.

Today goes down in history as Zimbabweans that the young people are used as canon fodder by an unrepentant regime and this outrageous system must be rejected. This desperate despot regime which is clutching onto usurped power by the straws has proved to be a clueless entity.

The future of young, vibrant and budding politicians is now hanging by a thread in Zimbabwe following the conviction and sentencing of a political activist Makomborero Haruzivishe

People have refused to be caged by a regime which has the insatiable appetite to pounce on innocent political activists who are fighting to see a changed Zimbabwe.

Harare Magistrate Judith Taruvinga shall be remembered in the books of history for sentencing Makomborero Haruzivishe to serve twenty- four months in prison.

I think during the time she was sentencing him, I believe there was an inner voice silently telling her something on passing yhe sentence. It is likely that today when she retires to bed and lay her head on the pillow this small, still  voice will keep on ringing in her mind.

What an embarrassment to our judiciary system which has accepted to be used by a corrupt and inept government.

A brutal system is slowly gaining momentum on revisiting the Ian Smith era type of a government, where the citizen were afraid to interrogate the system and were threatened by arrests and jail.

We have jail candidates who are supposed to be serving their terms the likes of Nguwaya, Prisca Mupfumira, Henrieta Rushwaya and Obadiah Moyo but we are sentencing innocent people into incarceration.

The regime has no shame, it stole the future of the young and they want to continue stealing it. When harsh sentences are passed from our judiciary system it will send chilling feelings to the whole nation.

The late Joshua Nkomo aptly said the future belongs to the young people. Mnangagwa’s regime must stop persecuting , frustrating and inducing fear into these young people.

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