Komichi Says His Mwonzora Led Party Has Split Into Disciple Hunters
10 April 2021

By Farai D Hove | MDC renegade, Morgen Komichi has announced saying his makeshift party has literally degenerated into multiple splits (or strings) of mere Disciple Hunters.

He said his MDC T formation is now engaged in a program to create disciples, since it’s launching in May last year.

Sounding as if trying to convince his agenda-doctors, Komichi said, “we have actually put up a program, in which we are following to meet organisations, one on one…”

He continued saying: “We want to come to a Zim that’ll be identified as a nation where belonging to a political party will not be an issue anymore, it’ll just be an identity…yes of course, if you want your vision to succeed you must educate…

“You must look for people…you must look for disciples…”

The development comes as his boss, Douglas Mwonzora who took over from Thokozani Khupe as interim leader of the MDC-T after the party’s chaotic extraordinary congress last December, struggles to convince people to support his Project.

ZANU PF leader, Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government regards Mwonzora as the head of the official opposition ahead of MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa after a series of controversial court rulings that allowed the MDC-T to elbow out their rivals from their offices and elected positions.

In a new report on the human rights situation in Zimbabwe, the US said Mwonzora’s “minor” political party was the beneficiary of court rulings that disfranchised voters.

“The High Court, in a series of decisions beginning in March, paved the way for a minor political party, the MDC-T, to challenge the leadership of the main opposition party, the MDC Alliance, ignoring earlier jurisprudence that ruled that political parties, as private and voluntary associations, should resolve their differences using internal remedies,” the US report read in part.

“This decision disenfranchised voters by allowing the minor political party to recall and replace elected MDC Alliance parliamentarians and local councillors.

“In June police and military arrested some and blocked other senior MDC Alliance officials from entering the party’s headquarters when MDC-T party members broke into the building.”

The damning report was a blistering attack on Mnangagwa’s human rights record with accusations that state security agents were being used to target government critics for abductions and torture.

Mwonzora says he wants to introduce a new kind of politics in Zimbabwe, which promotes dialogue and has been gravitating towards a working relationship with Mnangagwa’s government.

Last week’s developments, however, pointed to lack of trust by the international community with the EU delegation reportedly pointing out to the MDC-T that it has questions about its status.

Mwonzora was told in no uncertain terms that his claim to be the main opposition leader in Zimbabwe was dubious during a March 31 virtual meeting with EU heads of mission, multiple sources that followed the proceedings have said.

– Standard/additional reporting