Zanu PF Hijacks Masvingo’s Zaka Food Aid Programmes
11 April 2021

By James Gwati-Zanu PF activists have hijacked the distribution of food aid in Zaka and are only favoring their supporters.

The affected communities have,however, said this was causing conflicts in the district.

Speaking during Conflict Analysis and Resilient Analysis meetings organised by communities working Heal Zimbabwe, recently participants said known Zanu PF activists and their local leadership had on several occasions hijacked food aid distribution meetings.

More recently, a Zaka Ward 19 Councillor, Peter Imbayarwo and Agriculture Extension Officers had a food aid and agricultural input distribution exercise hijacked by the ward chairperson who was working in cahoots with other party activists.

“We do not get food aid from government in this ward as party chairperson and political activists cherry pick beneficiaries .This has created a lot of tensions in the ward and if this issue is not addressed, distribution meeting will turn violent, said one participant.

Participants also reported that party chairpersons also give directives to Village heads to compile names of beneficiaries and this has greatly weakened the Traditional leadership institution.

Other issues raised during the meeting include the interference of Legislators in the smooth running of Provincial Councils. 

Participants noted that this was an attempt to retain central government control over the key role played by Rural District Councils in the implementation of devolution that is explicitly provided for in Section 264 of the constitution.