Desperate Mnangagwa Pleads With Boris And Biden For Inclusion
20 April 2021

By James Gwati-President Emmerson Mnangagwa has pleaded with the United Kingdom and US for the inclusion of the isolated Zimbabwe in the international community.

Mnangagwa made the appeal during his Independence day celebrations address.

“We are friendly to all, except those who may not accept us, but still we say to them there is no need for such hostility or imposition of sanctions. We would want to be friends to all.”

“Of course, we still have countries like the United Kingdom and the United States who still continue to insist on the imposition of these sanctions,” he said.

“But of course they have their surrogates in Zimbabwe who are persuading them to continue to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe for reasons best known to themselves, who want the people of Zimbabwe to suffer, perhaps to ride on the suffering of the people of Zimbabwe for them to come to office. But we shall continue to pursue the policy that we would want to be a friend of everybody and enemy of none.