Baba Jukwa Leaks Mai Titi’s Filling Station List: FULL TEXT.
21 May 2021
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By Baba Jukwa | Mai TT is a problem, she is tone deaf. Like most Zimboz from politicians to so called celebrities.

She has fought with how many people?
Lorraine Guyo-called her a prostitite
Jackie Ngarande called her a prostitute
Madam Boss,-called her a prostitute
Kristle Mai Deco-best friend called her prostitute
Chloe Mai Maketeni-best friend called her prostitute
Zizo- small boy boy boyfrend she was buying underpants to sleep with her

Ujende- Nigerian boyfrend she was paying lodges so he can sleep with her
Baba Tt baby daddy
Jah Prayzah
Nash Paints
Olinda Chapel- she shouted at her for dating Ben 10s but she later found herself with a Ben 10 Zizo she was paying too
Maggie Bustop tv
Gonyeti Bustop tv
BJB Films
List is endless. Iye chete ndiye anotadzirwa why?
She is also a pathological liar she cant even keep up with her lies.

Jeolous, bitter woman full of pride.
The bridemaids are her downfall they keep supporting her lies and nonsense. Am glad even foreigners could see through this ratchet.

Ziva Zvako Spotter Correspondent