Dumped Married Man Confiscates Panties, Beats Up Ex- Lover
21 May 2021

By A Correspondent- A married man who could not accept being ditched by his girlfriend confronted her at her home and took her panties and beat her up while accusing her of dumping him.

Shelton Xolisani Sithole (40) is married and has been in a sexual affair with his girlfriend Simangaliso Tshuma (35), who lives in Njube suburb.

When Tshuma discovered that her flame was married, their love affair hit the skids as she told him that they had to end their relationship.

However, Sithole could not accept that and would visit Tshuma at her place without notifying her and would torment her for dumping him. When things got out of hand, he would bash her.

Sithole would take his uncivil tactics a step higher as he would insult her while labelling her a person of loose morals.

To show that he was bitter, Sithole confronted Tshuma at her workplace to embarrass her and unleashed insults at her while accusing her of “using” him and dumping him.

Sithole would, time after time, confront his lover at her home and when she hid from him, he would kick the door and storm in. He would even enter his girlfriend’s parents’ bedroom to search for her while shouting obscenities.

In a bid to fix her, he took her car battery, car keys and a mat which was in her car. He has issued threats against her and told her that he would stab her to death.

Seeing that her life could be cut short, Tshuma approached the Western Commonage courts and sought a protection order against her married lover.

“My name is Simangaliso Tshuma, I’m applying for a protection order against my ex-lover Shelton Xolisani Sithole. We were in love for quite some time, but when I discovered that he was married, I told him that we have to end the affair. He could not accept it. He would come to my home anytime and he would beat me for no apparent reason. He even confronted me at my workplace and took my shoes and panties. He is in the habit of phoning me to insult me,” she said.

She added :

“He would come to my home and when he fails to find me in the sitting room he would search for me in my bedroom and even in my parents’ bedroom.

He would threaten to kill me by stabbing me to death. He took many things in my car and also took my car battery, car keys and a mat. At times he would phone me even during the night and insult me.”

Sithole did not come to court.

The presiding magistrate Jeconia Prince Ncube granted Tshuma a protection order against her abusive ex-lover. Sithole was ordered not to physically and verbally abuse Tshuma. He was also ordered not to go to her home or phone her.