Marriage Proposal In Front Of Elephants
22 May 2021
Proposal in front of elephants


Joseph Yobe Zimusi, an HR officer at the Gweru City Council recently charmed his lady, Nomqhele Tshuma, an IT graduate from MSU when he proposed to her in full view of elephants at the Antelope Park in Gweru. 


As the couple was interacting with elephants, Zimusi went down on one knee and asked for Nomqhele’s hand in marriage. It was such a romantic scene that was well captured by the camera.

Below is the two lovebirds’ story leading to the proposal.

Patrick Chitumba (PC): How long have you been dating?

Joseph Zimusi (JZ): About four years now.

PC: How did you meet?

JZ: She is a former student at Gweru City Council, so I met her at work. We started dating in 2018 after I asked her friend, Nothando Mabhena to create a friendship between me and her. I pleaded with Nothando not to reveal my intentions of wanting to date Nomqhele, but instead, tell her I wanted to be her friend. She agreed to friendship and I took her to watch a soccer match at Mkoba Stadium. So basically, my first date with her was spent cheering those who were playing soccer and she enjoyed the outing.

My friends were also present and I introduced her to them as my girlfriend, something she could not deny because she did not want to humiliate me. From there, it took some weeks for me to gather the courage to propose love to her. Eventually, I did and she agreed to date me.

PC: What made you choose to propose at Antelope Park?

JZ: Nomqhele had never been there before and had been pestering me to take her there for some time as she wanted to view the game and experience nature. I then decided to make her dream come true and at the same time surprise her.

PC: How did she react to the surprise?

JZ: She could not believe it. She actually laughed as it was the least of things she expected from me.

I was also dressed in a simple way which helped as she did not suspect anything. I believe she has passed my test because I’m a difficult person to get along with. She has been so patient with me and apart from her physical appearance, her heart and soul ride with me always so I’m more than ready to wed her.

PC: Have you begun preparing for the wedding?

JZ: Yes, maybe we’ll wed in December at Antelope Park. On her part, Nomqhele said she was pleasantly surprised by the proposal.

“Honestly, I was surprised. I laughed when I saw Joseph on one knee because I was not expecting it. I thought we had gone to Antelope Park to see animals not knowing that a life-changing moment was awaiting me.

“That was one of the happiest days of my life as I really appreciated the creativity and thought that was put in executing the proposal. To top it all off, the elephants ‘clapped their hands for us’, I never knew they could do that,” Nomqhele said. – Chronicle