“The Crisis That Should Free Us”
23 May 2021

It is now one week since Luke Malaba has gone. It looks like the opposition does not know or understand the implication of Malaba towards our total freedom.

The silence in our opposition ranks sends a frightening message. I did not expect this. Let me first ask this first:

i) Did you know that the judiciary authority is only derived from you the people of Zimbabwe and a President or parliament cannot give Judiciary authority.

ii) Did you know that for the first 7 years ending 22 May 2020, the constitutional Court Comprised of Supreme Court Judges Only and no other Judges until end of 7 years.

iii) Did you know that Justices Malaba, Gwaunza, Garwe, Makarau, Gorowa, Patel, Hlatshwayo, Guvava, Bhunu did serve as Constitutional court in terms of s18(2) of 6th schedule and finished their term. This term is non renewable and cannot be extended.

iv) Did you know that the qualification of being appointed a Constitutional Court Judge after 7 years from 2013 does not include serving Judges? This means all the serving Judges cannot be Constitutional Court Judges unless they retire and later be appointed.

v) Did you know that only a lawful Deputy Chief Justice can act as Chief Justice?

vi) Did you know that without a Chief Justice and/a Deputy Chief Justice all Courts become improperly Constituted.

vii) The Chief Justice having been appointed after public interviews will give Judiciary authority in all courts.

viii) This can no longer be restored. Its either we are fooled and accept Zanu pf imposters of Judges and let Zanu rule for ever or we stand now and have a referendum.

ix) Our choice. I hate to blame zanu on our own failures. We won the battle but we give in