Dereliction Of Duty By Mnangagwa’s Govt As Villagers Are Forced To Pay For Construction Of A Clinic
25 May 2021


In a clear dereliction of duty by Emmerson Mnangagwa’s regime, villagers in Mwenezi East constituency are being forced make monetary contributions towards construction of a clinic in a resettlement area known as Janhi or Petronella farm.

While the Constitution of Zimbabwe on Section 29 clearly state that it is the role of the State ‘to ensure provision of basic, accessible and adequate health services throughout Zimbabwe”, Mnangagwa’s regime through chiefs and headmen are collecting money from poor villagers in Mwenezi.

Section 76 of the Constitution also guarantees for the Right to Healthcare for every citizen and this can never be misconstrued to mean citizens must fund for their own healthcare facilities.

Shockingly, villagers in Mwenezi East under Chief Negari are being forced to pay R20 per household for the construction of a clinic.

Ironically, the same regime that is coercing villagers to pay for construction of health facilities rejected MDC Alliance President, Nelson Chamisa’s offer to build a hospital in Gutu rural district.

Mwenezi district is one of Zimbabwe’s main faces of poverty due to its semi-arid conditions and poor annual rainfall and like most communal areas in the country, villagers survive on less than 1US dollar per day.

It is an insult to the great people of Mwenezi East constituency who have traditionally voted for ZANU PF since 1980 but the same party in government is shouldering them with extra responsibilities to fund their own healthcare facilities.

It is time the people of Mwenezi East transfer their vote to a pro-poor and pro-people MDC Alliance party led by President Nelson Chamisa.




Stephen Sarkozy Chuma
MDC Alliance Youth Assembly National Spokesperson