“The President Should Not Be All Over”
26 May 2021

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo- Literary, the office of the President, is of high honour, respected, and must be treated with integrity, but from my own observation, it has become a play ground, from whom ever wants to play with him.

I blame those who are managing the President, the PR team, who are responsible for rebranding the President ,  they must be flushed out, and bring in, a new competent team around him.

Honestly could you think that the President should be around Mealie Meal donations, and he should be seen receiving meal meal in front of cameras? What happened to Command Agriculture, Pfumvudza projects, which were spearheaded by the Government?

The next thing, you find the President in Kazungula official opening of the bridge, when most Heads of States had to dispatch envoys or Ambassadors? Was it necessary for him to be there in Kazungula, when he did not have any specific role to play on the function?

All these could be results of light-weight Presidency. For those who remember, at one point in time, when George Charamba mixed up Mugabe’s speech, it was reportedly that the former leader had none of it.

The same should apply to our current trajectory. The team should be responsible for advising the President, whether it is necessary for him to be part of those functions or not, and whether it is necessary for him to attend every summit or not.

The recent Mealie Meal donation function was out of order. He should have assigned someone like July Moyo, or even Mayor Wadyajena, or few Mps , senators to be in charge of the event, we have the likes of Opah Muchinguri etc. 

President Mnangagwa is responsible for commissioning big projects, opening industries, car assemblies, signing mega deals, and he must be seen commissioning projects, not opening companies that were opened previously by the former President, Robert Mugabe.

The issue of renaming roads must be left to councilors or local Government Minister. Ground breaking ceremonies must stop, and focus on commissioning projects which contributes positively towards the national fiscus, and creating employment. 

Last, but not least, those who are closer to you, will never tell you this, either they are protecting their few crumbs falling from the master’s table, or they are out of touch, but my biggest worry is the light-weight Presidency, which has befallen us. 

Let’s focus on the bigger picture ” Development” !

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is the Head of Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking – ZIST, and he can be contacted at [email protected]