MDC Alliance Implores Diasporans To Register To Vote
27 May 2021

Tinashe Sambiri|The MDC Alliance has pointed out that registering to vote is the only way of ending Zanu PF tyranny.

The MDC Alliance is unrolling massive voter education programmes in and out of the country.

See full statement below:

If you don’t vote ,you automatically lose the fundamental right to complain against Zanupf looting and smuggling, Mdc Alliance Namibia Namibia echoes!

26 May 2021

Mdc Alliance Namibia leadership and membership converged during the weekend to re-energise the base bracing to embrace the #CitizensConvergence4Change. As a committed and dedicated external assembly, we concurred that the future of our motherland is in our hands through our ability to register to vote in astronomical numbers to avert Zanupf rigging. Mdc Alliance Namibia Rundu Branch Spokesperson, Robson Ruhanya, made it clear to the social democrats available that they should go and register to vote in order to halt the corruption, closure of democratic space and illegal convictions of social transformers in Zimbabwe.

We resolved that the whole district should make registering to vote sexy and the norm so as to stop the routine rigging of the will of the people in 2023.

Revolutionaries in Namibia figured out that ,Zanupf is scared of a massive voter registration campaign because it will obviously make the breastfeeding of the ballot box a mammoth task. It was made clear to the constituency in Rundu, Namibia that the world is run by those who confront the devil through a serious commitment to fulfil the fundamental civic duty to vote. All members and leaders agreed to go and register to vote, vote come 2023 and further pledged to defend the vote constitutionally from Zanupf electoral fraudsters.

The democratic project in Namibia led by the astute leader President Advocate Nelson Chamisa ( Wamba Dia Wamba) vowed to continue with the #DiasporaVoteCampaign regardless of their full-blown campaign to go and register to vote at the nearest border towns.

Moreover, dictators have often fabricated high turn-outs in showcase elections for the purpose of rigging capitalising on voter apathy. Breastfeeding of the ballot transpires through voter suppression where the opposition members are intimidated, arbitrarily arrested and discouraged or prevented from exercising their significant right to vote. It was amicably concluded that this time the youths must dominate all polling stations, voting out looting, graft, nepotism, belly politics and gross abuse of universal fundamental basic human freedoms to associate and assemble to deliberate on serious national issues bedevilling our fatherless fatherland. The social transformers agreed that if one does not register to vote, he/she’s right to complain against Zanupf’s gross misgovernance will grabbed from him/her.

Furthermore, the Secretary General Simbarashe Ndoda made it categorically clear that when Zimbabwe was still in the Commonwealth, Zimbabweans were offered 2 year working visas in Britain. The route has been closed because of Zanupf misrule manifesting in the high levels of human butchery perpetrated by the state-sponsored militia. He went on to encourage the membership of Mdc Alliance Namibia to go register and vote in the motherland to open up closed global opportunities as a sure way of fullfilling our #GlobalAgenda. This is amid a high unemployment rate that has affected mainly the jobless youths in the country who are scratching their heads for a single nutritious meal per day.

More so , the Secretary General of the Women’s Assembly , Tarisai Nhira came in to sensitise women on their role in the Citizens Convergence for Change.

She identified women as central links between their unemployed children and their husbands. Since women have an undoubted influence in the lives of their vulnerable children and husbands who are scattered around the globe seeking better livelihoods, they must encourage and mobilise all victims of Zanupf thugocratic regime to register to vote, vote and be ready to defend the vote. The diaspora reflected great zeal to vote in 2023 after the revolutionary message from the women’s assembly.

In a nutshell, all social democrats around the globe should display their appetite to confront Zanupf through the vote. Genuine revolutionaries must fight for political and electoral reforms whilst registered to vote to counter rigging which has become a Zimbabwean election malady since 2002. Lets avoid contested elections by voting in our huge numbers.