Mr Mnangagwa Stop Exposing Citizens To COVID-19
27 May 2021

ZanuPF Gokwe Rally A Health Genocide!!

After the government Acting Minister of Health and Child Care Rtd General Chiwenga confirmed that the Indian Covid 19 variant had been responsible for the deaths of people in Kwekwe, everyone thought the government would act responsibly.

ZanuPF President and First Secretary Mnangagwa last weekend held a rally in Gokwe about 200km away from Kwekwe City.

How many ZanuPF people from the red zone Kwekwe City travelled to Gokwe rally?Although our rural areas people live not as crowded as in urban areas but they have relaxed lockdown regulations and WHO safety standards.

The irresponsible behavior being exhibited by the government (ZanuPF) on Covid 19 is dangerous and health genocide to human kind.

Mr Mnangagwa must show the seriousness in fighting the pandemic rather than staging his supersonic spreaders of the virus rallies.

Mr Mnangagwa

It was going to be interesting and positive if the rallies ZanuPF is holding were used to campaign for vaccination. It was going to be beneficial if ZanuPF was encouraging all those who would have attended the rally to get vaccinated with ZBCTV broadcasting live thousands receiving treatment on rally venue.

??✋???Patriotic Papa JC speaks when things are not good!!!