Dinde Residents MP’s Update | FULL TEXT
28 May 2021

Office of the MP Salutes Dinde Residents

Earlier today, as the Office of the MP for Whange Central constituency we attended the public hearing that was hosted by the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee for Environment and Climate.

The meeting was held in response to the petition that was submitted to the Parliament of Zimbabwe by the Dinde Residents Association

As the Office of the MP we observed the following among other issues:

  1. There was a very good attendance since the local residents turned out in their large numbers
  2. The local residents were very peaceful and conducted themselves in the most civil and dignified manner
  3. The local residents did they best to articulate their concerns in the most rational manner
  4. The local residents spoke almost entirely with a single voice. There was a visible sense of common purpose and unity
  5. The local residents made it clear that they are not against any investors or development but they are simply unhappy at the lack of respect and inclusion in the process. Consultation or participation of the local communities was a very essential factor.

We thus hope that the Portfolio Committee and indeed the Parliament of Zimbabwe will in response; do its best to intervene in favour of the local communities of Dinde.

We are looking forward to seeing the Portfolio Committee report especially its recommendations on the way forward.

As the Office of the MP, we would like to congratulate the Dinde of residents and honour them for their clarity and courage.

May God bless the people of Dinde and indeed the rest of Whange Central constituency. Amen

By my hand

Daniel Molokele
MP for Whange Central constituency