I’ve Been Banned After Supporting Mai Titi’s Violence.
29 May 2021
Mai Titi

The ZimEye news network does not ban any person. The only grounds for such an extreme are:

1. A system error.
2. Posting of spam.
3. Publishing comments supporting ongoing violence.
4. Publishing of harassments against journalists – we daily encourage open speech and discourse around the news.

We encourage people to get angry as well as happy and speak their views out. In this push, ZimEye is the only News Network that reads aloud and honours people’s comments on our programs.

This operation helps for solutions to be obtained in a live interaction environment, which exchanges unlike in other news networks, have proven to be extremely valuable both in the newsroom and in the courtroom (several high profile court cases have been won over the years that have made this News Network better serve the community; in this same vein, millions of US dollars have been recovered and restorative Justice been obtained for the community.) ZimEye has several journalists who’ve stood in front of guns, and have confronted some of most feared persons in Zimbabwean history; it has helped launch historic court cases, all sacrifices to help free the nation’s oppressed millions on the right of access to news information that pertains their existence and citizenry.

As this unique service is facilitated, frustrations occur when newsreaders begin launching spam attacks. Postings of comments that are attacks (personal attacks against journalists make it difficult for victims to be assisted. Those who post disruptive comments in times where there are criminal investigations, make it difficult for victims to obtain the remedies, between the newsroom and the courthouse.

ZimEye runs a unique service, which it seeks to improve so that the media resource can uplift millions of citizens.

If you have been blocked by mistake, this can be undone with a simple request.

In some cases this right is not restored.

In recent weeks, Zimbabwe has seen the case of an actor, Mai Titi (Felistas Murata) who committed crimes of violence in Tanzania and that case is with the police in that country. Her case in Tanzania follows several others in her home country, Zimbabwe where scores of women have been physically and verbally abused. Instead of apologising, Mai Titi, began coordinating hoardes of women to encourage her abuses.

Any glorification of crimes of torture, no matter done by who is a crime itself.

ZimEye continues to serve the nation’s people without fear or favour.