Bulawayo Woman Catches Husband Performing Rituals
30 May 2021

By A Correspondent- A woman woke up to the shock of her life after she saw her husband sprinkling hot water around their yard.

Thando Moyo got shocked after she woke up in the dead of the night and saw her husband Trust Sibanda (35) going around the yard holding a jug sprinkling hot water mixed with a concoction.

After that, he got into their matrimonial bedroom and also sprinkled hot water.

Disturbed by that, the woman who had only wrapped herself with a towel confronted her husband and accused him of sprinkling a concoction around their yard, the source said. And that stoked anger.

Sparks flew high as Sibanda manhandled his wife and grabbed her towel and threw it away before bashing her with fists on the face, said a family insider.

Sibanda went a step further and dashed outside the house and brought a 10-litre container which was full of water which was mixed with the concoction and poured it on her, the family source continued.

The drenched woman dashed to a police station and made a report leading to Sibanda’s arrest.

Bulawayo acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Nomalanga Msebele confirmed the incident.

“I can confirm that a 35-year-old man has been arrested after he beat his wife for questioning him on why he was sprinkling hot water around the yard and inside their matrimonial bedroom,” she said.

— BMetro