Selfless Boy Drowns While Trying To Save Drowning Colleague
30 May 2021

By A Correspondent- A selfless 16 year old United States boy drowned while trying to save his friend who was drowning in a reservoir in Rotherham.

The boy, Sam Haycock had just finished his last day at Oakwood High School and had gone to Ulley reservoir with friends to swim when his friend started drowning.

Sam jumped in to try and help despite not being able to swim himself.

A third friend called the emergency services and a huge rescue operation was launched at the reservoir when first responders couldn’t find the 16-year-old.

South Yorkshire Police said numerous agencies responded to the emergency on Friday afternoon and a specialist search team made up of fire and lifeboat crews was tasked to find him.

Locals were urged to stay away from the area while the search was carried out and police cordoned off the reservoir.

Hours later, police confirmed they had recovered Sam’s body and were unable to save him. He was declared dead at the scene.

Family friend Theresa Glenn who has set up a gofundme page to raise money told YorkshireLive:

_There were three boys including Sam who jumped in and tried to save his friend. It is typical of him, he and his mum would do anything for anyone who needed help.

_Obviously they are absolutely distraught about what has happened but Gaynor is proud of what he tried to do and will treasure that detail for the rest of her life._

_It was his last day at Oakwood High School and they told each other: ‘I love you’ as he left their home in East Dene. It was completely out of character for him as he’s a 16-year-old boy!_

_She told him to be back for 4 pm and didn’t know where he was when he went missing but the police were round very quickly to inform them of what had happened and Simon identified his son.’_ 

Sam was a talented athlete who travelled Europe competing in Judo tournaments and wanted to work in construction after he left school.

The fundraising page has raised more than £1,500.