Teacher Offers $500 Maintenance For Child’s Upkeep
31 May 2021

A Shurugwi teacher has offered to pay RTGS$500 maintenance to a woman that he allegedly has a child with arguing that he has several other children at University and he only earns RTGS$20 000.

Noble Pilime who is an Agriculture teacher at Hanke Mission in Shurugwi said he was even having meals at the school dining room because he cannot afford food with his salary. He also has a wife to look after, he said.

Pilime also claimed that the child was not his but cannot go for paternity tests because he cannot afford them. He produced his pay slip to show what he earned.

He appeared before Magistrate Sithabile Zungula on May 18, 2021 at Shurugwi Magistrates Court after being served with maintenance summons by Viola Mugobogobo.

“I am offering RTGS$500 since I earn RTGS$20 000 per month and I have a lot of responsibilities, my children are all at University and my wife also needs money from me. I am even eating meals from the school dining hall because I cannot even afford food for myself,” he said.

Pilime astounded the court when he said he never slept with Mugobogobo. He said that the child must belong too some Police officer who had an affair with Mugobogobo.

He also accused Mugobogobo of creating scenes at the school by coming and insulting him.