Daggers Out As 3 Chinyamukwakwa Community Members Are Detained For Trespassing In Chisumbanje
1 June 2021

By A Correspondent- Three community members from Chinyamukwakwa in Chisumbanje have been arrested and detained for trespassing.

The development was revealed by Claris Madhuku, who posted and said:

“Historical boundary provocation stoked as 3 community members from Chinyamukwakwa, including Samson Mugovera are detained at Chisumbanje Police station allegedly for trespassing.

This follows a well known and tired scheming by Green Fuel Pvt Ltd to intimidate community leaders who are combative against the company’s insatiable appetite to continue grabbing more communal land.

There are activities by the company which involves invasion of more communal land. In the last ploughing season 2020/21 the community defied and continued ploughing on their communal land which they are finishing harvesting.

The boundary conflict is very sensitive due to the fact that it involves clandestine arrangements that are being challenged in court by the community.

The initial arrangements were that Greenfuel would seed 10 percent of the land back to the community in the form of irrigable 0.5 – 2 ha based on stakeholder decisions.

The current situation is that,the stakeholders platform has been weakened by using only government linked players who have no independent decisions with Greenfuel Pvt Ltd.”