Mnangagwa Gimmick To Use Nehanda Statue To Pacify Jobless Youths Will Not Work…
2 June 2021


By Valerie Karimakwenda MDC Alliance Youth Assembly Organising Secretary UK and Ireland Assembly

Nehanda was a selfless individual whose life she sacrificed for freedom of her people and their subsequent liberation.

She paid the ultimate sacrifice, such as the burden of leadership against tyranny and oppression. It thus is not tribute nor honorary respect for Zanu pf to immortalize the fearless icon, Nehanda.

It rather is sacrilege and Nehanda must be turning in her grave, for her name to be associated with rapist, thieves and sadistic killers which is Zanu pf. What Nehanda stands for is exactly an antithesis to Zanu pf evil and self-serving philosophy. This raises thus a crucial point about the intention of Zanu pf, despite its futility, just like preceding Zanu pf intentions, designs and strategies meant for realization of a one party state. Exposing the chicken logic intention is thus the focus of this article.

If you are a cotton farmer, got groceries for your cotton deliveries last year, or yet to get the unappreciative payment I the form of groceries, how would an immortalized Nehanda appreciate your investments? Or assuming you are a teacher in Hoyo, Mash Central, remunerated with a salary not reflective of the inflationary and volatile environment, how would that improve your life, the statue that is?

A snake bites you in Dande, venomous, will you reach the hospital on time, given the lack of ambulances? Even if you reach hospital in record time, are there any guarantees that anti-venom will be available and at your disposal? Will the taxpayers fly you to a military hospital in Beijing?

What is the utility of these questions? They serve to highlight the point that Nehanda would have appreciated being immortalized by a government that is legitimate, governing with the consensus of the people and embodying their popular will. She would very much have had liked a government immortalizing her to be sensitive to the needs of their people, prioritizing their welfare of paramountcy proportions.

Zanu pf is neither legitimate, nor does it govern with people’s consensus. Its illegitimacy had to be decided in a captured court overshadowed by a pliant and sycophantic Malaba. So why would Zanu pf take upon itself to immortalize the liberation icon, Nehanda? What is there to gain? Except perpetually guaranteed misery and Zanu pf signature suffering? That is for the sieged Zimbabwean. For Zanu pf, and its clients, the story is entirely different. This is to be taken in the environmental context Zanu pf has begot.

The statue immortalizing Nehanda is a means to a degenerate end for Zanu pf, part of its futile strategy. This is a futile strategy engineered to augment political longevity and survival of Zanu pf so that it can perpetually plunder and pillage people’s wealth.

Zanu pf would thus have futile strategies to address symptoms instead of deep seated problems which it caused by its aspirations of a one party state. These futile aspirations of Zanu pf for a one party state are the causal factors that compelled Nehanda to stand up against tyranny, and to forfeit her life in the fight for freedom and liberation.

It is comforting however unpleasant that her prophecy of hr bones rising up against tyranny and oppression is coming to pass, if one were to consider personalities like the nonpartisan and independent Erica Ndewera, the uncowering and fierce Mamombe. These are the kind of people whose calibre Nehanda would have liked to play a critical role in immortalizing her. Her modern inspired warriors in the face of Zanu pf injustice.

Diversion, what would otherwise be known as deception in military and intelligence circles is the utility of the Nehanda statue. Diversion from what? This is a crucial question whose answer is consequential of a eureka moment.

When you have victims of the destructive cyclone Idai still living in tents, months after the cyclone, sadistic Zanu pf prioritized a statue of a dead woman who would have preferred that the manpower behind the statue building be directed to Manicaland where the cyclone devastated, as well as the material, money used to source the material. But Zanu pf thought otherwise. There was no utility in that. Utility that would give Zanu pf an opportunity of grandstanding.

Grandstanding amidst a sea of poverty compounded by a humanitarian cluster mess. Apparently all is well for Zanu pf, so is everywhere else in Zimbabwe. This is not what Nehanda would think or what the generality of suffering Zimbabweans think.

The diversion or rather the deception mentioned above has crucial utility of serving as blinkers reinforcement on what Zanu pf assumes is an apathetic, misinformed population.

The reinforcement of blinkers maintained by a repressed, centralized media is to keep the people from awakening after realizing that the power Zanu pf illegitimately is retaining, without their consensus, they can recover it from Zanu pf, and consequently loan it the tranquil opposition, sensitive to the welfare of the people, which is of herculean paramountcy. Tranquil transition into power, legitimately, for Zanu pf is an existential crisis.

The opposition gaining the leavers of power with the consent of the people, endowed with popular will is an existential crisis for Zanu pf because it means a prompt return to constitutionalism, a democratized society bulwarked with rule of law, accelerated devolution of power and a promotion of a culture of accountability and transparency, with demilitarization of state institutions and the military returning to barracks. The existential threat against and targeting Zanu pf manifests in the restoration of the rule of law, which will compel Zanu pf to be transparent about the people’s plundered and pillaged wealth, while being accountable for the gross and atrocious human and property rights violations. This is what Zanu pf is trying to avoid, by resorting to futile deterrent measures such as the Nehanda statue against such uncertain developments for Zanu pf.

In Zimbabwean culture, there is a saying that whatever flies will eventually lands and that nothing last forever. This has been proven true many times.

This attitude and nation tearing entitlement of Zanu pf was once characteristic of Smith and his Unilateral Declaration of Independence government, and preceding governments, but where are they now? They flew, and now are landed, never to fly again.

As the anthem of the nature of these articles rest on, that being the futility of Zanu pf attempts to stop, only succeeding to delay the inevitable, they too will land, the opposition will tranquilly gain power, and restore order to the chaos engineered and initiated by Zanu pf ending Zanu pf bloody and tight fisted reign of terror.

Valerie Karimakwenda MDC Alliance Youth Assembly