Why I Am A True MDC Alliance Cadre
3 June 2021

By Ellson Pirukai Mutonhori


ZIMBABWE at the dawn of independence 1980 they implement a range of policies and social transformation programmes targeting the previously oppressed, and this indeed becomes a season of hope for tangible demonstrable reasons.

It is hard to ignore the early gains of a liberated country as Zimbabwe experienced the Reconstruction and Development Programme , Truth and Reconciliation Commission, dramatically increased representation of women and youth in government, social security, rolling out of social infrastructure as electricity and roads to previously neglected areas
,The season of hope lifted the mood of the society in anticipation of more great things to come and the charters and manifestos that had been crafted during the struggle are often understood literary as guiding implementation documents that will be followed religiously. The spirits are so high that the national mood is punctuated by winning sports teams, hosting of global events, improving social, economic and political indicators as change is in the air and liberation movement in power seem to keep the promise until we are soothed into believing that history will not happen to us, we shall bark the trend of history, we are unique and we have learnt from those who committed mistakes before.

In fact liberation movements seem to take a leaf and lessons from the book of their former oppressors with such amazing proficiency.

Something almost like magical political alchemy happens before our disbelieving eyes. The very same political elite that had led the country to independence grow increasingly more autocratic, a corruption based on political patronage becomes the DNA of political practice often aided and interpenetrated by the corporate sector, inequalities sharply increase as money is everywhere except where it is most needed, poverty levels increase, social cohesion and reconciliation project sports teams catch the fever and losing becomes their key performance area.

Divisions and discord within the ruling liberation movement lead to purges, smear campaigns, killings and rewriting of history becomes the hallmark of a once-glorious liberation movement Ironically, when a liberation movement falters, it intensifies its invocation of this glorious history and frequency of political rituals to invoke history, even if grossly mis-represented in its reproduced remix. The society is treated to a regular diet of history even though their material conditions deteriorate.

This history often place those who are in full insurrection against liberation history at the apex almost suggesting that they deserve everything they have, including public resources, because of their role in liberation history.

A political aristocracy’s strenuous effort to cling to power produce a political universe with its insulated logic cast against a society numbed into disbelief.

Thank you for today