Daring Man Bashes Mother-in-law
4 June 2021

A FUMING man confronted his mother-in-law at her home and slapped her and also assaulted her with a chair for failing to give him back his television set that he had lent her.

Simamba Ndlovu (50) who stays in Nkulumane suburb left his home in a huff and went to Tshabalala suburb where his mother-in-law Everist Makuleya (70) and his other in-laws live.

He got there at around 8.45pm and did not even knock at the door, but pushed the door open and stormed in, said an insider.

His mother-in-law was in her bedroom. He allegedly shouted obscenities while demanding his television set which he had lent her when they had a private function.

It is alleged his mother-in-law got out of her bedroom to talk to him about the issue so that they could solve it amicably without any tension.

Ndlovu manhandled his mother-in-law before he slapped her on the face, the source said. He ran amok and picked a chair and allegedly hit her once on the head causing her to tumble to the ground, said a source close to investigations.

Makuleya screamed for help and while she was wriggling on the floor in agony, neighbours thronged her home and rescued her from the furious Ndlovu.

They bundled Ndlovu into a car and drove to a police station where a report was made, a source said.

He appeared for trial before Western Commonage magistrate Ulukile Ndlovu facing a physical abuse charge.

He pleaded not guilty.

He was remanded out of custody to next week on Monday when he would know his fate.- B-Metro