Augur Investments COO Tatiana Aleshina Faces Police, ZACC Probe
5 June 2021

By A Correspondent| Harare North legislator Norman Markham has threatened to file a complaint against Augur Investments Chief of Operations Tatiana Aleshina over a string of fraudulent claims including that their joint venture agreement with City of Harare establishing a company called Sunshine Development was approved by parliament and cabinet.

In 2008, City of Harare and a private company Augur Investments signed two agreements, one for the construction of Airport road and another establishing Sunshine Development which was supposed to result in the development of a hotel, shopping malls and residential properties.

Tatiana Aleshina lied under oath that the joint venture establishing Sunshine Development was approved by parliament and cabinet

The agreements now subject of various court challenges including the one filed by Markham which seeks to stop the transfer of vast tracts of land to Augur Investments.

In his answering affidavit, Markham accused Aleshina of perjuring herself by claiming that the Sunshine Development project was granted national project status.

Markham also dismissed evidence brought to court by Aleshina including ‘fabricated’ letters from the Permanent Secretaries of Local Government and Finance.

 “It is also fiction that the Sunshine joint venture received parliamentary approval. That is wrong and Tatiana Aleshina is perjuring herself.

“The project was never granted national project status,” said Markham.

According to Markham, Biti never approved the Augur deals as he never presented the issue before cabinet which Aleshina claimed approved the joint venture agreement.

“The letter dated 29 April 2009 purportedly from the Minister of Finance is also a fraud. I will be making a report to the Police, the NPA and SACU.The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance at the time was Mr Willard Manungo.

“There is no one known as M Madondo. The Minister at the time was Honourable Tendai Biti. He is the one who would have taken this matter to cabinet for approval. He is the one that administered the Customs and Excise Act.

“At no stage did he take this agreement to cabinet. At no stage did he provide as Treasury, the approval in terms of Section 140 and 141 of the Customs and Excise Act,”