“Amai Magaya Wept Over TB Joshua’s Death”: Walter Magaya
7 June 2021
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Walter and Tendai Magaya

By A Correspondent- Prophet Walter Magaya has said his wife Tendai Magaya’s warrior has fallen saying she was used to report his wrong doing to Prophet TB Joshua.

“It’s a painful chapter to me since he was my spiritual father but Amai Magaya wept upon receiving news of TB Joshua death.

“She used to make calls to him whenever I offended her and his death has left her without a man to take her issues to.

“Vachema zvikuru vakati ndiyani wandichafonera panezvinondinetsa.”

Meanwhile, several celebrities took to social media to mourn the prophet who died a few hours after conducting a church service.

Uebert Angel 

Last night, I received the rude and shocking news of the home going of someone deeply dear to me and my family. The home going of Senior Prophet TB Joshua is most painful because if there truly were good men, he was certainly one. However, we are so sure of where he is and know he ran an amazing race, amassed incomparable proofs with Christ and made a mark on this earth that can never be ignored or erased!

Now, To the man I have known since my tender years in ministry, TB Joshua:

Your sudden passage is hard to understand for many, yet we bow respectfully to the sovereignty of God while we remain thankful for the decades of impactful work along with the exemplary life you lived while you were with us. You are a General who set many things in place that generations will continue to copy.

As a dear senior Prophet, friend, a Christian brother, a father to many, a prophetic example to me, though senior in every way to me, every time we spoke you would be so humble and regarded not your seniority over me but allowed me time to hear your mind and your humble spirit. The thought that I will not see you again or hear from you again on this side of the divide, but only on videos, is unbelievable but as the Bible says “we should mourn not as though we are without knowledge”.

The only thing I have managed or believe I have managed to process this loss, is to immortalise your prophetic words you said yesterday after service as you indicated of your own home going, back to the father.

“(There is) …time for everything – time for prayer and time to RETURN HOME after the service.”

You definitely knew where you were going. While I wish I weren’t true that you are home with the father You were and still are the beginner of trends, the master at your craft. You made the prophetic, deliverance, healing and humility a hallmark and a masterpiece because God made you a master & It’s so important to remind the Christian community that we as a body should never forget our soldiers. Love you and miss you and see you at the rapture!

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

The general of God, Prophet TB Joshua, has gone home.

In your rest, General, I celebrate your mission: you came, you preached, you touched souls and you demonstrated to the world that God is still speaking today.

Rest, great General for I shall, forever, live your mission