BREAKING: Justice Gwaunza Tells Mtetwa She’s Not At All Chief Justice
8 June 2021
Elizabeth Gwaunza

Thank you for your letter of 4 June, 2021, concerning the above captioned matter, and whose contents have been noted.

Kindly note. however, that the letter erroneously refers to me as “The Chairperson – Acting Chief Justice”.

On the instructions of the Honourable Chief Justice L. Malaba, please be advised that the Judicial Service Commission has commenced investigations into the matter concerning the meeting you referred to, as well as the concerned judge’s recusal from the case in question. This is being done in accordance with the relevant regulations and procedures.

Kindly also note that the issue of the JSC Secretary Mr Chikwana, deposing to affidavits on behalf of the JSC in various litigation, is currently the subject of an appeal before the Supreme Court.