MDC Veterans Slam Captured Justice System
8 June 2021

Tinashe Sambiri| MDC Alliance Veterans Activists Association(VAA) has castigated the captured justice system in the country.

VAA secretary-general Charles Musimiki, quoted by NewsDay said as a result of the flawed justice system in the country, several political activists were resorting to taking refuge in neighbouring South Africa fearing persecution.

“How can a verdict take over a year to be read out? Our justice system is very much compromised. For a verdict to be passed only after eight years, worse still acquitting the accused, is not injustice alone, but it is incarceration and persecution of innocent civilians which is something never expected in this modern world,” Musimiki told the publication.

“For the record, we are not yet independent as a country because the oppression we fought against what was perpetrated by a few white men is exactly what we see being practised today by our own kith and kin. The draconian laws during the Rhodesian Ian Smith regime are now back but are camouflaged with new

We need a Zimbabwe that treats all Zimbabweans equally irrespective of political, religious or social affiliation,” he added.