UK Funeral Chaos As Zimbabwean Pastor Refuses With Body | UNEDITED ACCOUNT
9 June 2021

Below is the unedited appeal report by a concerned relative following a death of a mother of one, Alice Munanairi who passed on, on the 11th May 2021. The deceased is still to be buried as her pastor is refusing with the body (the clergywoman allegedly wants Alice buried in UK not Zimbabwe).

Contacted by ZimEye on Wednesday, her daughter, Tanaka declined commenting saying the matter will be kept confined to the family circle. Before the pastor had replied queries, scores of family members had however resorted to social media over the matter against the pastor, as others approached journalists for coverage.

It is alleged that the pastor is the one advising the daughter to defy her late mother’s wishes to be buried in Zimbabwe.

The daughter, Tanaka would not allow for the pastor to be immediately interviewed over the case, when asked on Wednesday morning.

– This is a developing story.


Goodmorning Fellow Citizens.

We have solved so many different issues on this platform and today I am here with a heavy heart because my family in middle of nowhere.

I believe in solving family issues behind closed doors but today semhuri tapererwa,I don’t air my family matters on social media but today I don’t have an option.

On the 11th of May my Aunt Alice Munanairi who was based in the UK was promoted to glory,when we received the news as a family takabatikana tikarwadziwa.Semhuri takagara pasi tikaisa musoro pamwe chete kuti tironge kuti Gogo Alice vauye kuzoradzikwa kuno kuZimbabwe sezvo hama dzavo dzese zhinji dzirikuno.

Gogo Alice vainamata kuchurch inonzi Masowe echishanu UK vakazobuda pakasplitter church vachienda kuchurch yamadzimai Mirriam popularly known as Bishop Mirriam (born Maina Tsoriyo ne Tarugarira).When Gogo Alice was promoted to glory on the 11th of May 2021.Mother Bishop Mirriam Maina Tsoriyo was consequently representing as the next of kin in all correspondences filed at Southend Hospital where gogo Alice was admitted.Gogo Alice had a daughter called Tanaka Mpanduki aged 26 who was absent in her mother’s life ,Tanaka was not aware of her mother’s sickness until the 7th of May 2021 when she was told.Family members here in Zimbabwe were notified on Sunday afternoon the 9th Of May later Alice Munanairi died on the 11 of May.We tried to call but noone managed to hear a word from her.

Mother Bishop Mirriam Maina Tsoriyo and Grace Simbanegavi (Gogo Alice’s Bestfriend) her right hand boldly challenged all family members and said they were burying Gogo Alice kuUK ,and hapana zvatinokwanisa kuvaita ,They also shunned all other family representatives that we had appointed there in the UK,Grace Simbanegavi even wrote a letter insulting everyone in the family from the late’s biological mother Gogo Munanairi and siblings.

Bishop Mirriam Maina Tsoriyo and Grace Simbanegavi are now coercing Tanaka Mpanduki (Alice’s daughter ) to refuse communication with anyone of the family members,So that they bury her mom without the consent of the relatives in Zimbabwe.Back here in Zimbabwe Alice Munanairis mother, Gogo Munanairi is seriously ill and upon receiving the death message and all these issues she is now mentally disturbed.

As a family we have tried to seek justice,but it didn’t work ,I even resorted to Aunty Jenny
and Uncle Ged to help me semuzukuru to negotiate but zvakaramba. I spoke to Bishop Mirriam’s Sister but zvakaramba. We are seeking intervention as a family to have Alice body released into the custody of the appointed representatives as per the family agreement. Alice’s bank cards,car,investment pin numbers are with Bishop Mirriam Maina Tsoriyo. She also instructed one of her church members here in Zimbabwe Makhosini Hlongwani to sell Gogo Alice’s properties which was a house here in Zimbabwe 4467-75 close Budiriro 5,the house hasn’t been bought yet.

As a family we want Alice’s body to be repatriated back home ,so that we give a decent burial bcz hatina hama yakambovigwa kunze kwenyika.Gogo Alice had a Nyaradzo SIPS plan and I personally called Nyaradzo because Bishop Mirriam Maina Tsoriyo vairamba neFuneral Police Number .
Nyaradzo confirmed the policy is there,Yesterday Tanaka called family members and said I am burying my mother tomorrow on Thursday..We had appointed Rabbie Munanairi ,Alice’s eldest sister to go the UK and sort out the issue only for Tanaka to call her mother’s brother saying ndiri kuviga mhamha mangwana.

I will be going live later in the day with Gogo Munanairi ,Alice’s mother’s and all other family members.

We need help as a family
Tibatsireiwo, Alice Munanairi mwana we hanzvadzi yaGogo Ngarande vakabereka baba vangu; And when my dad died she was given gumbeze raamai vemunhu. Hausi hukama hweroad or kubatira zvinhu padenga.

Meanwhile vanoda kubata maoko vehukama ngatisanganei kumba kwaBishop Mirriam Maina Tsoriyo kwavakaberekwa.