Makoti Wanna Dance In New Album
10 June 2021

By Problem Masau| South Africa based gospel singer Alpha Nhambure popularly known as Makoti want to dance for the Lord if her new offering is anything to go by.

The gospel diva has released her fourth studio titled “I Wanna Dance” which has ten songs.

“The album I Wanna Dance features 10 songs. It was first released in December 2020 ushering in the New Year 2021. The release was done on social media (Facebook, You-tube, Instagram and Sound Cloud).

“The album is now being launched on Zimbabwe’s biggest Radio station, the radio with the most listeners accounting to more than 40% of Zim radio listeners. My music’s main target audience is people in Zimbabwe. The music is mainly in Shona. As such launching it on Radio Zimbabwe would do justice to my music ministry and to my fans at large. Not many people are on social media hence this launch.

“In this current album I felt the need to bring my audience and myself to the dancing floor, hence the album title ‘I Wanna Dance’.

“Eight songs out of 10 from the album have a dancing beat. Daily we should dance to the Lord thanking Him for all that He has done and is doing in our lives; shaking off the daily troubles, weariness and stress and ushering in a new mood within ourselves. Statistics shows that people are more attracted to the dancing beat more than anything else, hence I took advantage of that to convey the Gospel message to the people,” she said.

Makoti said singing was her way of ministering to the multitudes.

“I believe I have a calling to minister the Gospel to the people in line with the Great Commission in Matthew 28 vs 19-20. I have been trained and ordained to Minister the Word at a Bible School. Hence this is part of my ministry to the people. After a long break from my album which I released in 2016, it was high time I go back to work,” she added.

Nhambure urged gospel artistes to complement each other as gospel music is not about competition but to save souls.

“I have advice to those who are starting in the Gospel arena. The main objective in singing Gospel music is to reach out to lost souls and bring them to God, to preach, to deliver, to praise and to worship God. If one’s motive is apart from this, then it is a lost cause. One must have the drive and the passion for God.

“In as much as some people want to live off singing Gospel, the main motive must not be money making. Also in as much as we all strive for excellence and want to see ourselves emerge on top of music charts, Gospel music is not a competition.

“It does not matter whether you make it to the charts or not, God works in amazing ways, as long as you have put your all in the project, perhaps God wanted you to reach out to just one person who had lost hope and has found it in your music. Do not give up. Do your best and God will do the rest,” she said.

The album has already been launched on ZimNet Radio.