Byo Couple Take Turns To Bring Lovers Home
11 June 2021

By A Correspondent- A Bulawayo couple is apparently in a marriage that is actually super open following sensational revelations by the husband that they are allegedly taking turns to bring their intimate lovers to their matrimonial home for se_x when one of them is away.

Yes, you read it right; they are taking turns to bring their extra-marital affair partners to their matrimonial home for se_x when one of them is not around. The stranger than fiction arrangement was heard when Rose Mahlupeka, from Cowdray Park suburb, and a teacher at a local high school, traded accusations of infidelity with her husband Privilege Mathe, a soldier based in Plumtree.

A seemingly fed up Mahlupeka told Nkosinomusa Ncube sitting at the Bulawayo Civil Court that whenever her husband brings his girlfriends home, she always finds used cond0ms in the house.

Mahlupeka claimed her husband with whom she has two children, was also verbally and physically abusing her.

“I am customarily married to Privilege Mathe. We got married in 2010 and we have two minor children together. We started having misunderstandings in 2019 and that’s when he started being verbally and physically abusive towards me. When I’m not at home, he brings his girlfriends to our house and I always find used cond0ms in the house. When I confront him and complain he laughs. At times he gives our car to one of his girlfriends to use,” complained Mahlupeka.

She said her husband was also threatening to evict her from the matrimonial house.

“He is also threatening to evict me from our matrimonial house. I now fear that he may sell the house without my consent since it is in his name. I also contributed towards the purchase of the stand and building of the house. I want a protection order against him so that he stops abusing me,” she said.

In response Mathe, who initially disputed his wife’s accusations, later opened up saying she also had a boyfriend that she brings home when he is not there.

“Yes, I have girlfriends and she also has a boyfriend. It’s true that I bring my girlfriends home during her absence because she also brings her boyfriend when I’m not there. It’s, however, not true that I am threatening to evict her from the house,” he responded.

A teary Mahlupeka, however, refuted her husband’s accusations that she has a boyfriend.

“I don’t have a boyfriend at all. He is just lying to cover up his abuse,” she said.

In her ruling the magistrate ordered Mathe not to bring his girlfriends home and not to verbally abuse his wife.