Shock As Woman Stabs Mother In -law Over Water Bills
11 June 2021

By A Correspondent- A woman, who was accused by her mother-in-law of not paying water bills, lost her cool and stabbed her in the left butt0ck and left arm.

Jacklin Moyo (35) said she and her sister received a report from their tenant Sibonginkosi Hadebe that their daughter-in-law Yvonne Ncube (29), who stays at the family house in Lobengula West, was not paying water bills. And the water bill was ballooning.

Disturbed by such bitter to swallow news, Moyo and her sister confronted their daughter-in-law in Lobengula West.

They questioned her about why she was not paying water bills and that sparked an argument and tempers flared.

“Ncube ran into the kitchen and a picked a kitchen knife and charged towards us. I tried to seize the knife from her, but she stabbed me in the left arm and in the left butt0ck while I was trying to run for my dear life,” said Moyo.

Ncube said:

“I stay at the family house with my husband and a tenant Sibonginkosi. Sibonginkosi lied to my mother-in-law that I was not paying water bills. They came here and accused me without even asking for the receipts. We were trying to clear the water bill arrears because when we came to stay here the arrears were high and we have been making sure we religiously pay to clear the bill,” she said.

Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube confirmed the incident:

“We urge family members to solve their differences amicably, or they could engage third parties like pastors, police in the Victim Friendly Unit (VFU) or elderly people in the community. Some assaults may appear minor but at times may result in the unnecessary loss of life.”