Mnangagwa Says: MDC Alliance Is A Terrorist Organisation | IS HE TELLING THE TRUTH?
13 June 2021

By Farai D Hove | The ZANU PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa who has personally executed the worst state terrorism against a local population in Southern Africa, since the 1800s, has described the MDC Alliance as a terrorist organisation.

Mnangagwa was speaking at the launch of empowerment programmes for war veterans in Harare, when he claimed the MDC Alliance was anti-democratic and anti-developmental. He said:

“Let us all remain astute and vigilant, aware of the asymmetrical tactics of the opposition, in particular, the MDC Alliance whose character resembles that of a terrorist organisation.

“The MDC Alliance has nothing democratic about it. It is anti-constitution, anti-development and anti-people, but pro-violence and destruction.

“Let us remain vigilant and be wary of the MDC-A, which is anti-people and anti-democratic.”

His statements come barely a year after announcing that he will use the army against Harare residents when he suspects they are guilty of stopping the rain, and in the last 3 years he has unleashed rogue soldiers onto Harare’s streets leading to the murder of over 25 people, the raping and torture of over 50 women. On the 1st August, he used rogue soldiers to change the election results.