Thank God, We’re Equal To The Task!” Boasted Chamisa – Yet Delivered Not Even One Reform In 21yrs
13 June 2021

By Nomusa Garikai- The Greeks of the Golden Age of Greece gave humanity the Olympic Games, built the Acropolis, laid the foundation of human civilisation and, most important of all, gave mankind democracy – government of the people by the people and for the people. 

There are many reasons why democracy has all but failed to take root in Zimbabwe and one of the reasons is are a pig-head society and there is nothing like being elevated into a position of power and authority to bring out the pig in pig-headed!. 

“According to President Chamisa, leadership is a huge responsibility that requires humility and focus,” reported Zimeye and went on to quote Chamisa.


Every time I meet Zimbabweans I’m amazed at the love I see written all over their faces, the palpable joy and hope in their eyes.

Leadership is a huge responsibility.

Trust is a great burden. The hope, enthusiasm and expectation is a call to duty. Thank God, we’re equal to the task!”


The people of Zimbabwe have risked life and limb to elect Chamisa and his fellow MDC friends into power on the understanding the MDC, as the party name implied, would deliver the democratic changes the nation has been dying for, literally. After 21 years on the political stage, 5 of which in the GNU, MDC has failed to deliver not even one democratic change. Not one! 

It is therefore shocking that Chamisa should have arrogance and chic to  boast of his competence and accomplishments. “Thank God, we’re equal to the task!” 

He even claims to have the gifts of “humility and focus!” 

To be fair to Chamisa and his MDC friends they are not the only ones who are pig-headed. After 41 years of gross mismanagement and rampant corruption that has left the country in economic ruins, Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF cronies still believe they are the only ones are competent to rule Zimbabwe and hence the reason they have rigged elections, just to be absolutely certain a free, fair and credible election did not deliver regime change.

Chamisa and his MDC friends and Mnangagwa and his Zanu PF thugs have one thing in common; they are pig-headed demagogues who believe they are God Almighty’s gift to the nation. Compared to everyone else, they are infallible, “equal to the task”; no task is too hard for them. They are the “Misstra know it all!” Stevie Wonder sang of.

Pig-headed demagogues can never ever be democrats because the lack the humility to acknowledge they are fallible mortals and there is absolutely nothing special about them. 

The very idea of giving the ordinary citizen a meaningful say in the governance of the country, in a free, fair and credible elections is simply unthinkable to the demagogue. Democracy, government of the people by the people for the people, is a curse as far as the demagogues are concerned because the people will elect someone not “equal to the task”! 

Make no mistake about it, no one has ever said democracy is perfect. Free, fair and credible elections have resulted in the election of people not equal to the task. The election of former US President Donald Trump is one. The real beauty of a healthy and functioning democracy is that the American voters were able to put things right four years later.  

Where there is no healthy and functioning democracy, such as Zimbabwe, you get a demagogue into power and you are well and truly stuck! 

We in Zimbabwe are well and truly stuck with not only the Zanu PF buffoons but now the MDC village idiots to boot! Both Zanu PF and MDC have failed to deliver democracy and free, fair and credible elections because they are demagogues and not democrats.