2023 Presidential Election A Frightful Scenario For Emmerson Mnangagwa
16 June 2021

Tinashe Sambiri|Well-placed government sources have pointed out that the Zanu PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa and Douglas Mwonzora are secretly planning to form a Government of National Unity and push elections to 2025.

This, according to the sources, is a gimmick calculated to frustrate voters assuming they would be tired of waiting for elections by 2025.

The MDC Alliance Namibia has released a statement on the plot by Mwonzora and Mnangagwa to form a “counterfeit” inclusive government.

Read full statement below:

No to postponement of harmonised elections and the creation of a fake Government of National Unity, Mdc Alliance Namibia slams Mwonzora.

16 June 2021

There is a clandestine nefarious plot by the desperate Zanupf regime and power-hungry Mwonzora to push the much awaited harmonised elections further than 2023 according to their mouthpiece,The Daily News.

Rapacious Mwonzora Douglas Togarasei on Friday revealed to The Standard that he had gone to State House to pay a courtesy call on Mr Mnangagwa. Mdc Alliance Namibia believes that Zanupf is exploiting State institutions such as the State House , the courts ,the police, soldiers and state agents to aid Mdc -T in its bid to position itself as the main opposition party in Zimbabwe so that they can strengthen their sadist intention to forge an Anti-poor government that make it easy for Emerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa to postpone elections.

The judicially-constructed MdcT leader said he would not take in the Polad meetings as he preferred a broader dialogue to resolve Zimbabwe’s multiple political and economic problems. What perturbes social democrats and few party officials is the lack of transparency especially when you are representing Constitutional Democracy. Mwonzora visited his Zanupf counterpart without the knowledge of the people he purports to represent. This unpacks the greedy nature of a stomach politicians in the leadership of this Zanupf backed political outfit.

One of the anonymous member of their party said, “We are all asking ourselves what was really so important about this meeting , which was kept away from everyone”. This lack of transparency is not characteristic of a Social Democrat but a dictatorship and authoritarian masquerading as a democratic leader.

Moreover, “We suspect there is a holy alliance going on here and parallel arrangements are coming”, the official revealed.

This is the incontrovertible evidence to prove that Mwonzora is now a certified Zanupf surrogate who is ready to do anything to derail the freedom train. The plot to sabotage the will of the people must be confronted with equal varlour, mettle and nerve. Trying to postpone elections through a counterfeit GNU is not only beyond nonsense but also devilish, evil and satanic. Social democrats should peacefully and democratically pent up their fury resisting the selfish interests of two monocrats who are planning to suspend our 2013 constitution. It has become visibly clear that Mwonzora is being condomised by the regime to perpetuate the toiling of the unsuspecting masses. There is no need to conceal a democratic fight from the owners of the struggle.

Furthermore, something could be really fishy here because social democracy exists publicly. Mwonzora tried his pathological lies saying he was directed by the MdcT National Executive Council to pursue dialogue for the benefit of the people of Zimbabwe. What mesmerized Social Transformers in was that the constitution of his party calls for transparency and accountability of leadership. No hidden agendas in a Constitutional Democracy. We shall work tirelessly to defend the Constitution that allows us to have elections after every five years. Mwonzora is a Zanupf puppet who is being manipulate the international community. That shall be resisted with equal measure.

Moreso, Mwonzora is the reason why Mr Mnangagwa declared our peace-loving party ,Mdc Alliance led by President Advocate Nelson Chamisa a terrorist organisation. This is a futile attempt by Zanupf to just the pre-trial detentions, arbitrary arrests, torture, abductions, forced disappearances and illegal convictions of the Mdc Alliance leaders and activists. We are quite cognisant of their ploy to postpone elections and push them further than 2023, a move that will be resisted by all Zimbabweans across the globe. Mwonzora and his masters must know voting is a civil responsibility. We shall fulfill our revolutionary mandate to vote for complete.

In a nutshell, Mr Mnangagwa and Mr Mwonzora intend to take people for granted. They are afraid of the #CitizensConvergenceForChange and the panic to contest with our brave astute leadership in 2023 is now a mammoth task since social democrats are now available for the #Agenda2021. Zimbweans are not victims of national consciousness, they are politically and economically conscious of what should be done. Ours is a fight for socio-economic transformation. We are not stomach politicians who pretend to be social democrats so that they can feed their anticipating bellies.

Mdc Alliance Namibia is geared to win Zimbabwe for complete change. Mr Mnangagwa and Mr Mwonzora must commence to respect the people of Zimbabwe through adhering to the People’s Constitution. #NoToPostponentOfHarmonisedElections.











Mdc Alliance Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya

Mr Mnangagwa…wary of 2023 Presidential plebiscite