Gutu Accident Victims Burial:Bereaved Family Resists Attempts By Zanu PF Bigwigs To Block President Chamisa From Addressing Mourners
16 June 2021

ZanuPF Senator and Dep Minister of Public Service Hon Lovemore Matuke, Gutu North and Dep Minister for Youth Hon Yeukai Simbanegavi, Gutu South Member of Parliament and ZanuPF Chief Whip Hon Pupurai Togarepi and ZanuPF Gutu DCC chairman Munyoro were booed by villagers as it was announced that government state assistance for the funeral of the 5 victims of the Matizha accident was only RTGS 50 000.

The funeral was attended by a high powered government high ranking officials who included members of the Provincial JOC.

Hon Matuke confidently announced that the funeral was state assisted. ZanuPF expected villagers to appreciate the assistance by government but was shocked by the reaction by the villagers.

ZanuPF officials wanted to deny MDC Alliance People’s President Nelson Chamisa from addressing the mourners but was overruled by the Chagweda family.

The MDC Alliance People’s President Nelson Chamisa is related to the Chagwedas. It was public knowledge to the villagers the role President Chamisa had played in assisting the bereaved family. President Chamisa’s contribution was reported to be over comparable to that of the state .The family member who survived in the accident was reported to have been under medical bill under MDC Alliance leader President Chamisa.

The ZanuPF leadership could not wait for the burial process .They had been humiliated by villagers. They departed immediately after their speeches. //

President Chamisa at the burial of Gutu accident victims…