Byo City Council To Repossess Under Developed Stands
18 June 2021

By A Correspondent- Bulawayo City Council has embarked on a programme to repossess underdeveloped housing and business stands in various parts of the city in its latest bid to reclaim derelict land.

The repossession is set to be effected within the next 60 days if the owners do not show up to pay at the local authority.

In a notice to the residents, town clerk Christopher Dube said the city would be claiming the derelict land in terms of Section 5 of the Titles Registration and Derelict Lands Act, Chapter 20:20.

“Persons having claim on derelict land may apply to the High Court for relief,” part of the notice read.

“Whenever there remains due and unpaid for the space of five years any rate or assessment payable to any municipality or other public body upon any immovable property in Zimbabwe, and such property is abandoned, deserted and left derelict and the owner thereof cannot be found, it shall be lawful for the person or body claiming such rate to apply to the High Court, stating the amount claimed to be due and the grounds for relief under this Act.”

The city has already identified 15 such stands.

Dube said owners of the properties should make required payments to the council before repossession is effected.