Paul Mwazha: Jesus And I Travelled To See Queen Elizabeth And I Helped Him Cross A River.
22 June 2021
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By Dorrothy Moyo | Religion Reporter | An undated video has surfaced of the outspoken preacher Paul Mwazha saying he and Jesus Christ once travelled to England and stayed with Queen Elizabeth for 3 days.

In the footage his church members say refers to a vision, Mwazha also said he assisted Jesus cross a river while both were heading back to Africa, past Scotland.

He also said those who convert to his church are the only ones who’ll see heaven.

He said:

I was given a book in which are written the names of all the people who go to heaven who are the ones who convert to attend the African Apostolic Church, that’s why you saw them coming up here.

Their names are what? CROWD: They are written.

Your names are written where? What I’m telling you is the Truth.

These people are leaving other people’s churches and coming to Jesus’s church, African? CROWD: Apostolic church.

This is the name that was given by the spirit of God. Because the Roman Catholic was the first church; the apostles had left Canaan, isn’t it that they sought refuge in the Roman Catholic church in England?

Isn’t it?

Now Jesus. when I was still a young man I went with him to England and we settled in the house of the wife of a Roman Catholic father, a priest. The man who was the leader of the Roman Catholic church what was his name? What was the name of that prince? Elizabeth, we went there and stayed in the house for 3 days I and Jesus.

And then we returned when we came back we went through Scotland. On arriving in Scotland we came across a river, and Jesus was in front of me. Upon arrival at the river, it came to my mind that he was afraid to cross the river. And I led him and we both crossed to the other side of the river.

When we were now on the other side of the river instead of entering Scotland we flew back to Africa. It was me and who? CROWD: With Jesus!

If you read part 1 and part 2 you discover that I lived with him at Guvambwa there. I stayed with him there, and also he is the one who gave me the Sabbath law; and also 5 lions to accompany me everywhere I go to preach. So I was given the power of how many lions? CROWD: Five.

There is nothing that can dare me. Everything is under my feet.