Leave Us Alone, We Are Happy Under Mnangagwa Government, Zim Church Leader Tells USA
22 July 2021

Own Correspondent

Enigmatic preacher, Isaac Makomichi says he will deliver a letter written to Joe Biden letter to the US Embassy indicating Zimbabweans are happy under Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa’s leadership.

“We are happy to have a leader like President ED, he allows freedom of speech and he is providing COVID-19 19 vaccines for every citizen .He is also building a strong economy.

Our Zim dollars is now stable. He is moving in the right direction and he deserves our votes in 2023.

USA must leave us alone.I am going to deliver Joe Biden’s letter to the US embassy soon,” said Makomichi.

Political analysts say Makomichi is a mere attention seeker who is singing for bread on the table.

” Which group of people is he purporting to represent? I think the man is desperately seeking political recognition,” said a social media analyst identified as Zvidzai.

Isaac Makomichi