Son Beats Up Mom’s Lover
25 July 2021

By A Correspondent- It is not easy for Godfrey Sibanda to watch his mother not only replace his late father with another man but have him move in at a place that he calls home.

So enraged is Godfrey that he has resorted to beating his stepfather and accusing him of having killed his father.

But his mother, Mavis Sibanda (55) defends Mhlupheki Khabo (57) saying her son has no right to beat or chuck out her lover because the house belongs to her as she contributed to its purchase.

Sibanda has tried to tell her only son to accept that she is in love with Mhlupheki, but Godfrey is unmoved and wants his stepdad to move out.

Sibanda said her son was in the habit of harassing Khabo and would even beat him and accuse him of having bewitched his father resulting in his death so that he would live with his mother at his late father’s house.

Mavis had to apply for a protection order against her troublesome son.

“My husband died in 2010. We wedded a civil marriage, I’m the apparent heir of the property. I contributed in the purchase of the house because I was employed as a nurse. After the death of my husband, I fell in love with Mhlupheki Khabo. But my son Godfrey does not want my lover to stay at my house,” she said.

She added:

“Sadly my son harasses him and accuses him of having bewitched my husband causing him to die so that he would stay with me. And he even shouts at him and beats him whenever they are involved in an argument. He would tell him to move out of the house. He does not care that Khabo is the one who pays rates and buys food for us,” she said.