Vaccination Must Be A Choice – President Chamisa
26 July 2021

Tinashe Sambiri|MDC Alliance leader President Nelson Chamisa has said the struggle for democracy is not instant coffee.

President Chamisa made the remarks on Saturday…

Commenting on attempts by the Zanu PF regime to force people to get vaccinated, President Chamisa said persuasion should be used- not coercion.

Said President Chamisa:
“Nothing comes without a fight. Easy come easy go. We are almost there. Struggles are not instant coffee …

Command vaccination is wrong! Vaccination must be a choice. It must be voluntary…

Vaccination can be achieved through effective communication and persuasive encouragement.”

He added :” NEW POLITICS..We must get rid of the politics of propaganda, violence &looting.We must fix what is broken& rotten in our politics.Fresh ideas & accountable leadership built around the community and citizens is essential. It’s time for COMMUNITY EMBEDDED LEADERSHIP.

The best revenge is to resist enmity! Resist the temptation to hate, hurt and hit back.”

President Chamisa