LIVE: Fake London Aircraft-Engineer Apologises To Zimbabwean Nurses
29 July 2021


By Lifestyle Reporter | The London fake Aircraft Engineer, who rose to sudden fame on Tuesday, Prosper Mushipe has apologised for causing anxiety in the Zimbabwean community through a video he uploaded claiming nurses in London are squattering in single houses, 24 occupants per property.

Speaking in broken English via video a day after being unmasked by ZimEye, Mushipe said:

“I should have thought about my family.”

He began his apology by saying:

Today I want to apologise for what I did, the video that went viral, but before I go further to explain what I did what I did, I want to see something, these platforms that we have on social media and stuff like that, we Zimbabweans I am from Zimbabwe we don’t really help each other.

So when I started my… YouTube channel…. I always wanted my channel to reach out to my people in Zimbabwe. Errrm, I have realised that Zimbabweans go onto social media just to gossip for entertainment and especially entertainment and stuff like that. So I came up with the plans; I told my family I want to start my own YouTube channel they warned me that it is not an easy task they warned me, it is something else. Daddy do you want to do it, they always the backbone of everything that I do and my daughter.

I love them to death because of that they always support me. So I did started the YouTube channel then I started doing the singing the acting I started doing talking and stuff like that it’s done at growing. I ended up having some organisations in London that I deal with and I always wanted to market their products on my channel, on YouTube, Propam2222, then COVID came in and they said we do it like, October, November this year. Then I realised I am from Zimbabwe most of zimbabweans watch different platforms, for gossip, and different tasks like that. There is not channel I don’t know there is no channel that it can put a link in recorded video of things happening in Zimbabwe and send it over. Okay, that’s what I want to do, send your videos,