MDC Alliance Youth Wing’s Position On Mnangagwa Ally’s Persecution of Checheche Villagers
1 August 2021

By A Correspondent- Colonialism Perpertiation Imagine whole African families living peacefully in their communal lands and suddenly a crude European capitalist with a forged citizenship comes and push them away from their ancestral lands in the name of pursuing a ‘ Green Fuel project’.

This sounds like a story from the colonial era after the arrival of the Pioneer Column when blacks were forcibly stripped of their land by European colonialists.

No! This is not a retelling of a colonial story. This is actually happening right in our times in Chinyamukwakwa communal lands in Chipinge.

A crude and ruthless capitalist by the name Billy Rautenbach is destroying the crops of the villagers just before harvest to pursue his Green Fuel project whose interests have nothing to do with the locals.

This is not the first time that this white crook has clashed with locals over their land. Those in Joshua Nkomo Cooperative in Harare near Kambuzuma will testify how this white guy is pushing so hard to have their homes destroyed in order to pursue his parochial interests.

In Masvingo, in Mwenezi’s Naunetsi Range this fellow owns vast tracks of land, some of which is lying idle.

Rautenbach’s thirst for acquiring land is just unquenchable. Just like his forefather Cecil Rhodes who wanted to own the whole of Africa through his private BSA Company, Rautenbach dreams to occupy the whole of this country through his private Green Fuel company.

The grave quietness of Emmerson Mnangagwa and his government on Chinyamukwakwa land saga is loud enough to confirm our fears.

It is clear Rautenbach is working in cahoots with ZANU PF top officials to drive black Africans off their land.

If this ZANU PF government is genuine about the land question, then the madness in Chinyamukwakwa must stop!

Indeed we are in a season of defiance.



Stephen Sarkozy Chuma
MDC Alliance Youth Assembly National Spokesperson