Mnangagwa Traps Opposition With Freebies
3 August 2021

Tinashe Sambiri|The Zanu PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa is using POLAD to buy loyalty from the opposition, it has emerged.

Political analysts say Mnangagwa wants to use the POLAD freebies to trap the opposition as he seeks to fortify his 2023 Presidential Election campaign.

On Saturday, Professor Lovemore Madhuku of the NCA was at pains to justify why he took the POLAD vehicle.

Commenting on the distribution of POLAD vehicles, MDC Alliance vice chairperson Hon Job Sikhala said:

“The POLAD freebies demonstrate how Emmerson Mnangagwa has turned other people into his political yoyos.

The coloring almost the same with the ZANU PF vehicles.

Mnangagwa anoita vamwe varume zvituta vakomana nokungokara mota chete.”

Professor Jonathan Moyo argued Professor Madhuku was rewarded by Mnangagwa for enabling him to steal the 2018 Presidential Election:

receiving a “thank you” Isuzu Max-D from
yesterday at State House for enabling him to steal the 2018 poll, as one of the wannabe presidential candidates who contested without polling agents!”

Mnangagwa himself also literally failed to explain the purpose of the donated vehicles. He said:

“The vehicles have been made identifiable and make sure they carry the dignity of POLAD.

The cars, you are not going to use as you see it fit, except that it must be for political work or developmental work.

In terms of regulations in the public sector, after three years we will then review and make sure that they can belong to you.”