Pfutseke!- Mai Titi, Madam Boss Insulted In Mock Video Over Mnangagwa Song
4 August 2021
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By Farai D Hove | ED, Mnangagwa, number One!, convicted musician Kofi Olomide screams in a 2023 election campaign song for the ZANU PF leader, while with a group of other artists.

A child quickly interjects in a mock clip saying, haha, futseke. The musicians continue in dance and song, and the baby decides to walk away, clapping them all off with a louder: pfutseke!

The offensive song is a declaration that the coup leader has already won the 2023 elections 2 years before the time.

The below stitch up is of socialites Mai Titi, Madam Boss, and Passion Java performing a stager following their unity campaign for their 2023 election hit sponsored by Youth Minister Tino Machakaire.