Quit Or Risk “Killing” Your Reputation- Sikhala Warns Madhuku Over POLAD Shenanigans
4 August 2021

Tinashe Sambiri|MDC Alliance vice chairperson Hon Job Sikhala has challenged Professor Lovemore Madhuku and his POLAD compatriots to quit or risk ruining their reputation.

POLAD members have been pampered with motor vehicles by Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa.

On Tuesday Madhuku defended his decision to join POLAD.

Hon Sikhala accused Mnangagwa of using taxpayers’ money to please his political allies.

“As a nation we want 2 know where the money that bought the POLAD vehicles was drawn from.

There ws no such appropriation in the last national budget. So can Mnangagwa tell us where he got the money he used 2 buy those vehicles.

We want full answers otherwise we will raise dust…

I totally agree with
that men and women of integrity must quit the thing called POLAD.

Not leaving POLAD only but those in the so called Presidential Advisory Council (PAC) must quit as soon as possible.

Murume anonzi Mnangagwa anosvibisa to be anywhere near him,” Hon Sikhala wrote on Twitter.

Professor Lovemore Madhuku