Mahere Slams Incompetent ZUPCO
5 August 2021

Tinashe Sambiri| MDC Alliance spokesperson Advocate Fadzayi Mahere has slammed the ZUPCO monopoly because the buses are failing to cope with the number of urban commuters.

Thousands of commuters across the country are struggling to travel to and from work because ZUPCO buses are inefficient and insufficient.

Commenting on the transport chaos in urban areas Advocate Mahere said:

“Red circle -The ZUPCO monopoly must fall.

Red circle -ZUPCO buses have become super spreaders.

Red circle- The buses can’t meet public demand for transport.”

She also pointed out that the party would not be pushed by Zanu PF elements to lose focus and direction.

“We are a party that uses all platforms, media spaces, towns, villages, Parliament, the courts and all other tools available to us to hold the authorities accountable and articulate our alternative Zimbabwean dream.

We’ve tabled an alternative Electoral Amendment Bill.
We’ve engaged ZEC with a proposal to establish an all stakeholder platform to drive the electoral reform agenda.

. We have had to cover the voter education gap in various communities where ZEC had failed to do its job.”

“We have started already. We are implementing our rural mobilization campaign which is being led by Hon.

. We have earmarked every province for this program and we have covered significant ground.”

Advocate Mahere