Roki Josphats Has Fallen
5 August 2021

Tauya tadzoka zvakare… Food for thought

Roki Josphats with Kofi Olomide

By Mazvita Masaraure | In general myself enjoyed the song except the part were there was mentioned a name that is not familiar in the kingdom of happiness. A name that has pulled down the whole nation of Zimbabwe in disgrace and poverty.

This might be the most expensive project ever done in Zimbabwe. So for the Arts industry we give you the credit Passion Java but for the sake of these musicians and their careers if you want to raise them please do stay out of politics. One name has ruined a good project.

Roki Josphats your future is bright brother but don’t be a puppet, control your needs. A signed paper doesn’t force you to be involved in things that can ruin your career. The whole nation was behind you all along but after this there is a huge fall not because you did anything wrong but your association in wrong doings made you an accomplice.

All the bests anyway for you all. Me out.