Ken Sharpe Robbed Zimbabwe: Report
6 August 2021

By A Correspondent| Augur Investments boss, Ken Raydone Sharpe stole vast tracts of land from the City of Harare Council and the whole country at large and failed to execute what he had promised, the Special Investigations report done in 2009 reveals.

In the report, Council expresses disappointment over Sharpe’s crooked ways of conducting business.

“Council expressed its dismay on the irregularities in the allocation processes of Council land, especially, the land-for-land exchange deals…for Airport Road project payment to Augur Investments,” reads the report.

Augur Investments owner Kenneth Raydon Sharpe

Basing on the agreement between Augur and City of Harare, Augur was supposed to bring in all machinery and equipment for the Airport road construction before any work commenced. Upon completion of the project, all the machinery and equipment would be handed over to Council and this formed the integral part of the agreement but Augur brought no machinery and equipment.

Augur however chose to sub-contract Power Construction to do the work, an open breach of the Memorandum of Agreement signed between the two parties. The Investigations Committee found that, whilst the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe, is said to have referred the Airport Road project to be discussed at Cabinet level, this committee failed to get the Cabinet documents that authorised the deal.

“If indeed this matter was discussed at Cabinet level as the President had ordered, the implementation was not done in the best interests of the Country in general and the Council in particular,” the report reads.

Former Local Government Minister Ignatius Chombo

It further reveals that no tenders for the Airport Road project were floated and no proper valuation of Augur’s equities was undertaken.

Moreover, 93, 0993 ha pieces of land were transferred to the below mentioned shelf companies which had no evidence of legal links with Augur as payment for the preliminary work which was yet to be done.

These include; Yellow Seat– Stand 19345, Home Day Properties– Stand 19609, Ice Class- Stand 19610. Doorex, Electro, Express, Home Villa total area- Stand 19672- Stand 19673- Stand 19674- Stand 19675- 93, 0993 ha. The Committee also noted that the file for stand 19673 allocated to Electro Company could not be found. Some of the files provided to this committee had most of the information pulled out to dupe the investigation team.

Meanwhile, all meetings for the Airport Road project were held at Augur’s Milton Park Offices, Ministry of Local Government, with then Minister Ignatius Chombo and Classic Offices without informing Council.