Madhuku Returning Mnangagwa’s Polad Vehicle?
6 August 2021

By Farai D Hove | Will the Constitutional Law professor Lovemore Madhuku finally surrender the Polad vehicle he got from Emmerson Mnangagwa?

The former NCA activist was last night challenged to do the right thing.

This followed his refusals three days earlier when he stuck to his foot saying he has a right to the Isuzu pick up truck he got among 16 other 2018 election losers(part of the Polad- Political Actors Dialogue outfit.)

He said: “I am going to use that vehicle to build the NCA.”


During a ZTN debate last night however, Madhuku was advised to hand over the vehicle to regain his respect.

Said the fiery Zengeza MP Job Sikhala: “We can’t continuously keep quiet while our… resources are being looted, in hospitals we don’t have enough medicine…We have a plethora of problems in our country.. and I really want to urge my brother, Prof Madhuku … to surrender this vehicle where-ever he got it.”

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