Mnangagwa Is The Author Of Our Current Problems- Sikhala
6 August 2021

Tinashe Sambiri|MDC Alliance vice chairperson Hon Job Sikhala has said the Zanu PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa is the author of the country’s current problems.

Hon Sikhala also described Mnangagwa as an arrogant man.

Mnangagwa is isolated from the people of Zimbabwe, according to Hon Sikhala.

Writing on Twitter, the fearless politician dismissed POLAD as a “comedy of errors.”

“The arrogance of Mnangagwa is informed from the wrong premise that he dismisses Zimbabweans as people who talk without action.

May u pliz tell us whose money did u use to buy the POLAD motor vehicles?

Please take this question seriously. Some of us we just don’t talk I mean it

We are not isolated. It is rather Mnangagwa who is isolated from the people. People don’t like him. Rather they hate him as the author of all their problems.

Let those who enjoy association with Mnangagwa do it without minding our business.

Those in POLAD are finished,” argued Hon Sikhala.

Emmerson Mnangagwa